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Ioannina or Giannena or Giannina is the capital and largest city of the Ioannina prefecture and Epirus with 70.203 residences (2001). Ioannina is located in the northwestern part of Greece in the center of the homonymous basin. It is one of the largest cities of Greece with a rich cultural tradition and modern enterprises. It bears the name “Education and Art City”, since it has produced lots of great people in the educational and artistic sector known all over Greece. Their contribution to the country’s regeneration was enormous. They expanded the literal and cultural horizons, acted greatly on the development and establishment of the Greek, but also the European civilization.

Τhe traditional buildings, the museums, the Castle, the Frontzos outdoor theatre, inside the cosmetic city forest and a large number of city sights, with great historical and cultural value are exceptional samples of the Epirus architecture. The island inside Pamvotida lake, still habited, which is a rare world phenomenon, is one whole sight with churches and what is left from the Ali Pasha serai. The University, among the world’s best, the Hospitals, the water sports center and an abundance of other buildings that host athletic and cultural events all year, are evidence to the city’s development according to the modern society demands, but also to the effort of being the birthplace of development and liveliness, mixing old with new, traditional and modern.

A walk in the picturesque streets of the Castle revives the legends of Ali Pasha and kyra (lady) Frosini, the byzantine past memories, but also the city modern history.

First time visitors in the lake island, have an unforgettable experience. It is a traditional settlement around 350 sq. meters, built with stone, which mirrors on the lake water. Picturesque alleys lead to shops with exceptional folkloric art samples, to cafeterias with traditional local deserts or small taverns offering original lake dishes.

  • Ioannina Public Ethnographic Museum (Aslan Pasha Mosque)
  • Byzantine Museum
  • “Kostas Frontzos” Folkloric Museum
  • A. Vrellis Wax Statues Museum
  • National Resistance Museum
  • University of Ioannina Museum of Folklore
  • The historical museum on the Lake Island